Providing a Christian Education is holy, rewarding work. We treasure our teachers and our growing school needs more of them!

At HCA, you will enjoy a strong partnership with parents who value the love and devotion you pour into their children and an administration who works diligently to maintain an atmosphere of genuine partnership and cooperation. Teachers at HCA use Abeka curriculum as a guide but are encouraged to bring in outside materials to reinforce the material and to enhance the fun in learning.


APPLY NOW: Email your resume with a brief introduction to jobs@huntsvillechristianacademy.com

High School Science Teacher

Our High School Science teacher at HCA will teach science to students in grades 7 through 12. The ideal person for this job has an infectious passion for science and the patience to work with students who believe that science isn’t their strong suit. Instilling an appreciation for the Godly beauty and harmony of science is the responsibility of our Science teacher.

Experience: Minimum 2 years of full time classroom experience or a bachelor’s degree in science or secondary education.

Certifications: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in science or secondary education.