Mrs. Cathy Sperr
HCA Principal/Headmaster
email: principal@huntsvillechristianacademy.com
Phone: 256-895-9550

Welcome to Huntsville Christian Academy!

My name is Mrs. Sperr, and I am proud to be the Principal and Headmaster for HCA. I am a graduate from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where I met my husband while getting a degree in Biology and Secondary Education. I was a science teacher in Madison City Schools until we were blessed with our first child.

While being a mom to two kids was a full time job for many years, it also gave me an opportunity to be active at church and in our children’s schools. Although our kids first attended a large christian school, after a few years we began looking at other options. In 2016, after touring nearly every other Christian school in Huntsville, we visited HCA and instantly knew it was the best school in town. The loving staff and emphasis on Christian education was exactly what we were looking for.

In 2017, I started a Robotics Team at the school and a couple of years later began substitute teaching. In 2021, I was hired full time and I find it truly fulfilling to be in a classroom everyday, loving children and teaching science. When the opportunity to take on a leadership role was presented in 2023, I felt blessed.

My philosophy on raising children is based on Biblical principles. I see each child as made in God’s image. There is no such thing as a “bad kid,” there is only bad behavior, and a child can choose to change his behavior. As educators, we should do our best to model good behavior and to show children that it is a blessing to themselves and others when they behave well. I expect students to be respectful, responsible and dependent only on God. If this is how you are raising your children at home, then we will be great partners in your children’s spiritual and educational growth.

I look forward to meeting parents and children that are looking for a new school family. Please feel free to email me or to call the main office with any questions you may have!


Mrs. Sperr