We are excited that HCA is now a full member of Alabama Christian Education Association and Alabama Association of Christian Schools. There are many benefits available to us now that were not afforded before. There is a per student/staff cost involved, however that cost is already included in our enrollment fees. Please acquaint yourself with the information below to see the many benefits we have at our disposal.

The benefits and opportunities of membership for your child through our membership with the ACAA:

Athletic programs and strong competitions beyond team sports. ACAA offers golf competitions, cross country, track and field, archery and more. If you are interested in your child representing HCA and competing in an individual or team sport our ACAA membership ensures that your child will compete among Christian brothers and sisters from schools with similar values.

AACS Youth Legislative Training is another program that our membership with ACEAA can provide to your child. Sponsored by the American Association of Christian Schools, this program enables selected students the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. for a week of training in the American political system. Interested students must complete an application and write an essay as a part of the selection process. Students have the opportunity to tour our nation’s capital and meet outstanding leaders. All costs are covered except transportation to Washington, D.C.

AACS Essay and Poetry Contest: Elementary and junior high students are eligible to enter. Topics are assigned and school winners are sent to the ACEA office for judging. State winners are then sent to the AACS office for judging against other state winners. This is an opportunity for students to be challenged in writing skills on thought provoking subjects. Alabama has had national winners in the past. Small and large schools can participate with all students having an equal opportunity to win.

The Alabama Christian Education Association sponsors Academic, Bible and Fine Arts competition for students in grades four through twelve during each academic year. Winners in state competition in the high school division (grades 9-12) are certified to compete in national academic year. Winners in state competition sponsored by the American Association of Christian Schools by building spirit, challenging students to fully develop their abilities for use in the Lord’s work, and providing an opportunity for students to make friends with students in other Christian schools.

The structure and categories in competition create opportunities for students no matter the size of the school they attend. The benefits and opportunities for the small school student are as great as for the student from larger schools.